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Short Reports

A short report is a formal resource document written to inform a specific audience about a certain subject that has an impact on their lives. Such type of work is used often in business, journalism, and science. The short report offers specific information in response to a situation, request, or problem.


Be Emotionally Healthy And Live A Colorful Life

This is a reference book that summarizes consumer information that would be valuable for someone trying to decide if buying or leasing a vehicle is best suited for their needs.  Should they lease, this guidance is designed to educate someone about the pros and cons of vehicle leasing.

Most people today often find themselves tangled in different emotions and combine this with all the stresses of today’s life, it is understandable why some end up consumed by their emotions. But if you want to be truly successful, one of the important things that you need to learn is emotional equilibrium or the perfect balance between your emotions.  Emotions are already a part of human nature. But how much do you really know about emotions? What are emotions? What are their elements? What are the most common types of emotions? This book is where you will learn the basics of emotions.

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 Understanding Heartburn & Acid Reflux Treat It To Beat It

Acid Reflux is a health condition for which the foods you eat and the lifestyle that you lead can have a great effect on how you live with it. This is a very treatable health condition, but it takes your focus and insight to understand how acid reflux is affecting you. Acid reflux pain doesn’t have to rule your life, it only will if you let it. This Special Report; Understand Heartburn and Acid Reflex Treat It – Beat It provides you all the tools to understand acid reflux, control it and finally; do something about it. Living with acid reflux is very possible and now you can implement the necessary steps to do something about it.

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