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Cape Coral’s generally peaceful streets are subject to crazy disasters just like everywhere else—falling buildings, an oversized ocean creature, and even devious super-villains occasionally threaten the residents. In fact, if it were not for Safety Goggle, the town superhero, any sense of heaven on earth would be impossible!


Science Fiction and Fantasy

Some really good Science Fiction in The Thirty Century War & Fantasy within The Cape Coral Heroes Books.  Browse our titles and discover your next rewarding read from Of all the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime these are two of them that will leave you looking for the next releases from author Hudkins




Three planets spewing forth their respective races of space soldiers engaged in battle after battle in what appears to be a war of certain extermination for all cultures. Just how will it play itself out?  Follows the final desperate space battles for a planet plunging swiftly into the abyss of total extermination.

Larry  Hamilton is a thirty-four year old writer who gets on a train that leads him down a track holding a deadly riddle.  He is unaware that he has entered a train that has somehow formed from the pages of his latest book. There was one page that Larry  wrote, that caused great harm to the book’s characters without anyone even being aware except for the characters themselves. Larry is taken hostage in his dream that would force him to rewrite one page containing ancient history script. Will Larry be able to rewrite the page that has brought harm to his latest book characters—a harm that can alter the face of history as well?

Percy Bernard an eighty year old man who decides to search for his youth through the channels of his memory. Returning back to a memory when he was twenty-two Percy walks around the memory, seeing old faces that have long died away, old sights that have long changed and old feelings that have long went to sleep. He remembered a girl at a dance he attended. A girl had told Percy that if he ever got a chance to follow the map she gave him, he’ll be able to stay young forever.  Believing that he was being teased Percy smiled and took the map, storing it away as a piece of war memorabilia in his foot locket.  His fate led him to that map and unbelievable adventures.

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It dawns on a handful of scientists and military members that the aliens could use the tether and the climbing machine to overcome their inability for their cargo craft to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere and “come down” once the first payload is brought up. Will the launch happen? Are the aliens really preparing to “come down” the tether?  What is the end game really on either side of the developing situation?

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At a point in the near future, a catastrophe has made a portion of the Earth uninhabitable.  Prior to the event, many humans were evacuated to the space stations and began living up there. By the time the event happened, there was already a separate and sustainable society of space stations orbiting the planet.  The catastrophe did not completely destroy Earth and some inhabitable areas remained.  A new government is created on Earth, separate from the laws and government of the orbiters.   Laws include it being illegal for any of the orbiters to return to Earth unless they are married to someone on the planet. Despite it being 200 years later, relationships are strained but fairly peaceful and lines of communication remain open.  Finding a terrestrial (Earth person) to marry online is one legal ticket home.  This story is about one girl who finds true love and is allowed to return to Earth.

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