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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Some really good Science Fiction in The Thirty Century War & Fantasy within The Cape Coral Heroes Books.  Browse our titles and discover your next rewarding read from Of all the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime these are two of them that will leave you looking for the next releases from author Hudkins

Space War

Three planets spewing forth their respective races of space soldiers engaged in battle after battle in what appears to be a war of certain extermination for all cultures.

Just how will it play itself out?  Follows the final desperate space battles for a planet plunging swiftly into the abyss of total extermination.

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Cape Coral

Cape Coral’s generally peaceful streets are subject to crazy disasters just like everywhere else—falling buildings, an oversized ocean creature, and even devious super-villains occasionally threaten the residents.

In fact, if it were not for Safety Goggle, the town superhero, any sense of heaven on earth would be impossible!


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