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The Thirty Century War

A Short Science Fiction Story set 300 decades into Earth’s future toward the end of what had become a thousand year hostile alien space warrior invasion it was realized the planet just might be doomed. The constant alien evasions, fighting ships and explosions just outside the planet’s atmosphere had caused grievous Earth changes. The Earth’s ozone layer now pink was a sure sign humanity was, if nothing else, on the verge of being extinguished.

Three planets spewing forth three races of space soldiers engaged in battle after battle in what appears to be a war of certain extermination for them all. Just how will it play itself out? This millennium year conflict chronicles the final days of what seems to be a forever war between the human race and other aliens. It documents the final desperate space battles for a planet plunging swiftly into the abyss of total extermination. Is it even possible for any commander in these destructive final days leading human or alien soldiers to celebrate victory? Only the most brave and enduring shall realize the outcome of events.

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The Cape Coral Heroes

The city of Cape Coral, Florida is a very quiet town. There usually is not much going on there other than little things usually happening. Disputes from store owners to store owners, cops and a scattering of small time robbers, some teenage kids doing stupid pranks or something like that but generally seldom did really serious things happen here. Our hero David and his lifetime female friend Cressida work at the Cape Coral Senior Citizen Complex. It is a nice, neat, tidy place where elders live with wide, open spaces and within complexes with a lot of room. There are volleyball courts, pools, yoga, palates and other classes. The pools indoor and out are wide but not too deep. There is a large building containing a dance and recreation center. There are a lot of TV’s here, all on different channels. The town and senior facility can be explained as nothing less than a golden ager (or as some would say – matriarch) utopia.

But, like here and everywhere on the planet now and again really crazy disasters would hit like a falling building, an attack from some oversized ocean creature, a tumbling communications tower and any manner of disasters that could result in mass death and destruction. If it were not for our embedded super hero (Safety Goggle) especially here in Cape Coral I’m afraid any sense of heaven on earth could simply not be possible. The question you have to ask yourself is who or what is trying to destroy a person, place or our Cape Coral Garden of Eden? Secondly, what is going to happen to either resolve or contend with these strange and ever increasing seemingly targeted events trying to wreak havoc on an otherwise community most people only ever dream about?

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The Spin of Fiction Plot - A Short Read Science Fiction Thriller

Larry Hamilton is a thirty-four year old writer who gets on a train that leads him down a track holding a deadly riddle. He is unaware that he has entered a train that has somehow formed from the pages of his latest book. Sherry Nielson is a main character in Larry ’s latest book. She was written in as a clever detective and is delighted that she has become loved by a vast audience of readers worldwide.Mr. Wellington another character also from the book has a private and evil agenda that will allow him to trade places with Sherry and escape the pages of Larry ’s book and unlock evil.

Approached by Mr. Wellington, Sherry is asked to create a way to take Larry hostage in a way that would force him to rewrite a book page that if not rewritten, could harm or alter the face of history. Sherry, who initially believes she is doing the right thing; goes into Larry ’s dream and pulls him into his book train scene. Will Mr. Wellington accomplish his evil goal of switching places? or, will Sherry’s altered plan work where Larry is able to rewrite the page that is harmful? Will Mr. Wellington be locked away in a book scene forever unable to raise havoc on the face of history?

The Second Chance of Time: A Science Fiction Adventure

Percy Bernard an eighty year old man who decides to search for his youth through the channels of his memory. Returning back to a memory when he was twenty-two Percy walks around the memory, seeing old faces that have long died away, old sights that have long changed and old feelings that have long went to sleep. He remembered a girl at a dance he attended. A girl had told Percy that if he ever got a chance to follow the map she gave him, he’ll be able to stay young forever. Believing that he was being teased Percy smiled and took the map, storing it away as a piece of war memorabilia in his foot locket.

Many years later the girl Blanch from the dance of yesteryear feels that Percy once again has taken out her map. With love, she sends her heart into the map and rearranges words into her name. She tells Percy to hurry and follow the map before it’s too late.Gus a burglar that snuck into the house via an unlocked rear door sees Percy holding what appears to be a map. Pulling a gun on Percy, Gus yanks the map from Percy’s hand. As he does he vanishes right before Percy’s eyes.

Knowing that the map likely took Gus to the place of eternal youth Percy must get there and prevent Gus from becoming young forever through the struggles of his own age. He just knew if Gus managed to find the place of forever youth, he would change the world for the worse. With the help of Blanche’s spirit Percy finds a land of enchantment. A battle for the map ensues. What do we find, what do we see and what is the fate of our characters looking for a fountain in a land of forever?

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A Tethered Web of Evasion: A Science Fiction Adventure

Since the space lift was first conceptualized in 1895 by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the idea of a space elevator has intrigued and challenged scientists. Suddenly, technical aspects are resolved, and the construction of a space elevator promises to open up the Solar System to all of humanity. Seems that soon, Satellites or other payloads will be “launched” into orbit – without rockets, merely by attaching them to the tether with a machine that climbs – hauling the payload to the end of the cable and then letting it go into space. It will be that shimmering bridge between Earth and space that mankind will climb to the stars!

The scientist that announced the solution to the last challenge in the building of the elevator tether is treated as a world hero. Meanwhile, the head of the military starts receiving data that suggests something else is going on in our outer atmosphere and begins researching deeper. It is discovered that there are aliens in orbit around the planet. The military also discovers these aliens had made contact with the hero scientist while he was performing duties at the ISS. They suspect that meeting was related to the tether and the advanced technological information exchange had a deeper and subsequent evil meaning.It dawns on a handful of scientists and military members that the aliens could use the tether and the climbing machine to overcome their inability for their cargo craft to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere and “come down” once the first payload is brought up. Will the launch happen? Are the aliens really preparing to “come down” the tether? What is the end game really on either side of the developing situation?

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A Lit Match in Orbit: The Returning: A Science Fiction Love Story

At a point in the near future, a catastrophe has made a portion of the Earth uninhabitable. Prior to the event, many humans were evacuated to the space stations and began living up there. By the time the event happened, there was already a separate and sustainable society of space stations orbiting the planet. The catastrophe did not completely destroy Earth and some inhabitable areas remained. A new government is created on Earth, separate from the laws and government of the orbiters. Laws include it being illegal for any of the orbiters to return to Earth unless they are married to someone on the planet. Despite it being 200 years later, relationships are strained but fairly peaceful and lines of communication remain open. Finding a terrestrial (Earth person) to marry online is one legal ticket home. This story is about one girl who finds true love and is allowed to return to Earth.

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The Mars Colony Geminate: Humans Meet Interstellar Explores

Danyon Daimler is an 11-year-old prodigy child who left his life on Earth. His parents were selected to be a part of the colony that was based on Mars. When not in school Danyon explored the water caverns and water system that the colony uses to sustain their Earth-based resources. Advay is a Martian humanoid that Danyon meets in the water caverns and befriends. Advay reveals that they are part of a race that colonized Mars (or as they call it, Rugben) many decades prior to the technological colonization of Mars by the humans.

Advay is therefore not a true “Martian”. The Talby’s had setup a design of living that was based underneath the planet’s surface, as such the humans were none the wiser of their presence and the Talby’s had the opportune advantage of observing these fellow colonizers. Danyon and Advay talked about their race’s characteristics for two years. The meeting of Advay and Danyon resulted in the eventual peaceful introduction of evolving humans to superior interstellar existence.

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