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The Thirty Century War – a classic science fiction

A Short Science Fiction Story set 300 decades into Earth’s future toward the end of what had

The Thirty Century War

become a thousand year hostile alien space warrior invasion it was realized the planet just might be doomed. The constant alien evasions, fighting ships and explosions just outside the planet’s atmosphere had caused grievous Earth changes. The Earth’s ozone layer now pink was a sure sign humanity was, if nothing else, on the verge of being extinguished.

Three planets spewing forth their respective races of space soldiers engaged in battle after battle in what appears to be a war of certain extermination for all cultures.

Just how will it play itself out? This millennium year conflict chronicles the final days of what seems to be a forever war between the human race and other aliens. It documents the final desperate space battles for a planet plunging swiftly into the abyss of total extermination. Is it even possible for any commander in these destructive final days leading human or alien soldiers to celebrate victory? Only the most brave and enduring shall realize the outcome of events.

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The Cape Coral Heroes

The city of Cape Coral, Florida is a quiet town—the most serious problem it faces on any

given day are teenage pranks or small-time robbers. It’s also the home of the Cape Coral Senior Citizen Complex, where our hero, David, works with his best friend (and secret crush)

Cressida. Swimming pools, yoga and Pilate classes, and a recreation center make it a Golden

The Cape Coral Heroes

Age utopia.

But Cape Coral’s generally peaceful streets are subject to crazy disasters just like everywhere else—falling buildings, an oversized ocean creature, and even devious super-villains occasionally threaten the residents. In fact, if it were not for Safety Goggle, the town superhero, any sense of heaven on earth would be impossible!

Who or what would try to destroy a place as idyllic as Cape Coral? And how will Safety Goggle save the day in the face of increasingly targeted, devious attacks on his beloved townspeople? With humor and action, “The Cape Coral Heroes” takes you along on David’s adventures as a plumber and as his alter ego Super Goggles.

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