Romance Erotica

Stay the Night

A story of passion and love wherein Dianna is an escape artist.

Well, not really, but she’s known to always take the easy way out of situations and people who only confuse her and make her life crazier than it already is. As she runs away on her wedding day, she runs into Dylan, her first love, the man she lost her virginity to, and a man whom she ran away from five years ago, as well.

Dylan loves Dianna.

Stay the Night – Adult Reading

He always had and when he found out that she was getting married, he did not hesitate to come to church and see her—even for the last time. He didn’t know what his plans were but knew that he just had to be there, and maybe say goodbye to the woman he once loved; the woman he still actually loves. But fate has other plans and Dianna comes back to his life again.

Dianna still has not forgotten Dylan and all their escapades and moments together: Times when they’d get stuck in traffic and would play with each other, times when they’d travel and dream together, and that one night when they finally did it. Seeing him now after all these years makes her want to forget about the present and just delve into the unknown—with Dylan by her side.

The question is: Is she going to stay? Or is she just going to escape again?

“Stay the Night” is a story about second chances, and roads not taken. As Dylan and Dianna’s lives are once again thrown towards each other by fate, they are going to see if the spark that they once had can still be ignited.

A story of passion, love, and everything else in between, “Stay the Night” will surely make you get in touch with your sexy side and fall in love once more.

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Romance Erotica

Longing Love and Coming Home

Have you ever left home only to find out years later that you haven’t really found what you’re looking for out in the real world and that you have to come back to see what you are missing?

Coming home to Savannah, Georgia was not really in Caitlin Riggins’ immediate plans. She was the proverbial student in Oxford and did not want to be in the shadow of her mother again. She also did not want to get her hopes up and long for a love that she was not even sure could be reciprocated. But it was summer and she figured that she could use a little time off. Plus, she’s leaving again soon, anyway.

But Caitlin figured out that you can never really come home the same way anymore and that

Longing Love and Coming Home – Adult Reading

life truly is full of surprises. Life brings her back the man she once left for a life in rainy Oxford: Greg, the man she always loved (and had no idea loves her back), the man she grew up with and the man she always wanted to be with. Greg, the one who could make her moan like crazy and take off her clothes in a heartbeat. Greg, the person whom she left and tried to forget.

Greg always loved Caitlin but never really got to tell her. Or did he?

This summer, Caitlin is going to figure out everything that she has missed when she was gone and should come to make a decision—which will be one of the bravest things she’ll ever do as she’s confused more often than not.

Longing Love and Coming Home is the story of how one finds what happiness is all about—through romance, spending time away and coming home to finally decide what one really wants in life. It’s sexy, it’s sassy, and it has the right amount of swoon that’ll make you appreciate love all over again.

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Romance Paranormal

The River of Love Surfacing

Morgan Hills is dealing with her older sister Robin’s mysterious drowning when her father’s job uproots her small family from the bustle of New York City to the secluded hills of Pino Canyon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As she adopts to a new city and a large, unfamiliar house, Morgan finds amusement in her hobby – photography – and in the unexpected natural wonders of her family’s new property.

The River of Love Surfacing -Paranormal Romance

All of this is to avoid the pain of her loss and the haunting recurrent dreams of jewel-like objects at the bottom of a river. As she acquaints herself with her new home, she finds a river reminiscent to the one in her dreams. Is there a connection between her dreams and this new reality? Will her sister’s last possessions – her books, the strange pictures in her camera and her headband – hold clues to her death? And what of the unusual, reclusive and beautiful boy she meets at the bank of the river?

As Morgan balances her senior year, her new friends and potential boyfriend, her parents and her quest for the answers about her sister’s death, her connection to the strange boy by the river grows, and begins to shed light on what really happened to Robin Hills in another river, far away.

Morgan will have to decide whether to give up on understanding her sister’s death, or embrace the many mysteries that surround the boy by the river…who finds his way deep into her soul.

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