BOOK 21 - Understanding Basic Bond Investments

Description: If you're looking to get sound guidance and trusted investment strategies, this book will set you up to understand and take control of your bond investment options.

Because there are many unusual aspects relative to bond investment, you need to have a basic understanding of the market, the bond issuer, how to measure rates of return and how to maximize those rates.

You will understand how bonds operate on a very basic level, to include the various kinds of bonds and how bond funds can actually be a highly lucrative option. You will learn the fundamental differences between corporate, government and municipal bonds and how much of a return you can anticipate from each.

You will be taught the face value, sale price and coupon rate, of a bond, as well as their callability, ratings, insurance, taxes, and maturity that might be and are associated with them.

Savings Bonds (as one example) have been gaining a renewed significance since the U.S. Treasury introduced the inflation-protected Series I Bond and their online accounts at Treasury Direct. After reading Basic Understanding of Savings Bond Investments, Book 5 for Teens and Young Adults you will understand how Savings Bonds work and why the Series I Savings Bond protects you from the risk of default. You will know how to open an account at Treasury Direct. You will also know bond inflation risks, capital loss risks understand inflation impacts, supply and demand and the tax advantages of your savings and investment holdings.

Everyone should ensure a portion of their investment portfolio in readily-available in the event of an emergency. I bonds are an easy choice for this low-risk portion of your investment portfolio. If you already have an investment in various Bonds, you will learn estate planning strategies that will save your family money. You will be taught the investment strategies that increase the value of your holdings and tax strategies that will help you avoid the Double-Taxation Trap, the Stinker Bond Penalty, the hidden interest-rate penalties and the Deferred-Tax Time Bomb.

This book includes advice tested by time and its strategies reflect our modern day market conditions. This book provides anyone who has never invested in bonds before an ideal opportunity to confidently invest in and earn noteworthy returns from their bond investments.

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