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My Books & Reports

Young Adult Coloring Pages is your place to get one or a handful of adult coloring pages if you are not looking to buy an entire grownup coloring book.  Instant page downloads available here in jpeg, pdf and png formats.


Store Door has many collections that include frameable canvas art, posters, greeting cards, gift wrapping paper, calendars, puzzles, T Shirts, Trucker Hats, baby items, beach items and more. We continue to increase inventory and available collections. Get a made-to-order product or a finished design that brings you joy or makes you laugh.


Here you will find great posters for your classroom, kid’s room or nursery. Additionally, for vacation homes, office, den, living room and man caves and more. You can choose from over a dozen different poster dimensions. Browse through our wide selection of posters and cover all the blank spaces on your walls. Vintage Painting and Prints from the Abstract Art Posters collection also make excellent gifts!


My Other Interests (when I’m not writing)

The products page is a quick reference index of activities, storefronts for customizable products and abstract or canvas stretched wall art. There are also specialized book outlets for health, fitness and investment materials.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fit, or learn how to treat a specific problem this mall has got you covered. This site also covers many types of health from conventional treatments as well as natural health and alternative medicine. This puts you in control and allows you to make unbiased informed decisions about your health.


Here you have access to the very best programs in all the home business categories. Look at this site as your perfect one stop shop for finding your perfect home business. This site is broken down into several categories to help you find what’s right for you. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro you’ll be sure to find the perfect home business here.


With the investing for profit digital mall we highlight some of the very best investment programs and services out there. Whether your interest is in stocks, commodities, FOREX, options, or even real estate we’ve got you covered. The right knowledge can mean the difference between significant gains and catastrophic losses. We’re here to give you the right knowledge for each market.


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