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Murder Mystery

Murder, Suspense , Political Thrillers, Mystery & Crime Books released on that include The Sapiens Missile Murders.  If you love British mysteries you will really rave about The Slaying  Hand Story of Crime, The Hidden Room Mystery, The Caper Club, The Case of Agent 411 and The Ominous Side of the Doors released through Hudkins Publishing.

Slaying Hand

 This mystery ropes you in from Chapter one and doesn’t reveal the truth till the very last page. In between you will find yourself being baffled by character actions, circumstances and plot twists through every clue you think you have.

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Hidden Room

This is a murder mystery novel that involves love, multiple homicides, blackmail, extortion, suicide, deception and amazing investigations. Inquests by police and a private investigator go from bums up to the wealthiest of men.


 The book is set in the 1800s and the plot centered around a falsely accused murder. In post-Civil War 1865 San Francisco a young lady is witness to a crime. The apparent criminal is a popular man about town although a bit of a cad. The Young lady faces both her inner demons and threats to her personal safety to do her civic duty to testify at the trial


Caper Club

 An incognito, newly titled and extremely rich, Sir Jayden finds himself embroiled in blackmail, murder, and political intrigue beyond his imagining when he boards a steamer to London in search of the beautiful lady in a photo. This is a book that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat!

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Agent 411

This is a vintage classic mystery and adventure story. Bob Houston is a young clerk in the War Department. His uncle is a Department of Justice Agent. When some important radio secrets disappear, Bob helps his uncle recover them.  He proves himself so able that he is appointed as a provisional DOJ Agent.


Immediately upon seeing a most unusual and extremely gruesome crime scene Tamer begins to ask questions: “Why strapping a man to a missile and launch him into space, so to speak?”.  There’s a psychopath on the loose and this one will take more than a whip and commanding voice to be tamed.

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