Detective Lamarr Sage of the Santa Barbara Police acquired the nickname of TAMER when he joined the urgent hunt and subsequently captured, tamed and returned an escaped leopard to the local zoo he had ordered into the back seat of his police cruiser. His plan to be on time for his date Friday night was interrupted by the report of gruesome murders of two men in a quiet Santa Barbara suburb.

Immediately upon seeing a most unusual and extremely gruesome crime scene Tamer begins

The Sapiens Missile Mystery

to ask questions: “Why strapping a man to a missile and launch him into space, so to speak?” The first human missile pierced the windshield of the second victim’s car. When the second human missile impales an oak tree near a playground, the Santa Barbara population goes into panic mode. How many more human missiles will it take before Tamer and his partner Don Franklin are finally able to figure it all out?

There’s a psychopath on the loose and this one will take more than a whip and commanding voice to be tamed.

It took four people to die in the same horrid circumstances before Tamer and his partner, Don Franklin are finally able to figure it all out. Selling Navy missiles to overseas parties is a complicated and dangerous business, to say the least. Even worse when you throw in a twisted mindset.

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