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During my service and even afterwards I pursued several courses of study at several universities, including Kent State University, Maryland University, Central Texas College (European Branch), Blair Junior College, Hagerstown Junior College and Phoenix University.

I Served from 1970 Vietnam era up to the 1993 Iraq timeframe

Despite many General Studies, I declared two majors during my schooling which included the areas of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

In all these scholastic studies though, the true treasures I took away are not the certificates (though those are very important), but instead the experiences I had, the people I met, the foods I ate and even the places I stayed in.

In truth I am a citizen of the world and this greatly influences my writing.

So, if you are already a fan of mine, I appreciate you. If you are not yet one, then what are you waiting for? Read a book and then read some more. I create characters that resonate with you and infuse life into all I write.

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I am Ronald. E. Hudkins, eclectic writer,  raised in Massillon, Ohio.

My diverse writing prowess has been influenced by my many travel and work experiences.

I was drafted into the military in 1970 (during the Vietnam Conflict) and remained there until 1993 (Iraq War was still pending). I was fortunately not officially assigned into any combat zones. I retired honorably from the U.S. Army, Military Police Corps December 1993.

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