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The Summer of Lost Soles

This book follows a youth named Ricky and his friends through their preteen 1960’s summer vacation mishaps. It seems Ricky has a somewhat known reputation for not being able to keep from destroying, losing or misplacing every pair of shoes that are destined, rumored, indicated or even actually placed upon his feet.

He has a devious scheming sister that lives to get him into trouble. His parents are at wits end to keep him in shoes. His friends aren’t any help at all in helping Ricky preserve his footwear be it by their pranks or everyday antics where stuff ultimately happens.

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The Summer of Lost Soles

    • Written by: Ronald E. Hudkins

      The Summer of Lost Soles (Audio Edition)

    • Narrated by: Ron Herczig
    • Length: 3 hrs and 59 mins 
    • Unabridged Audiobook                                                                             Release Date:04-11-14
    • Audio Version Available Here
    • There is a fifteen minute Audio extract at the above link for your sampling and enjoyment.

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Senior Things I Said, Say, Did and Do

Senior Things I Said, Say, Did and Do

This book will take you back in time or even recently when you did something so stupid or out of character you and everyone around you could not do anything but laugh. When you think about the family tree you always remember the ones that make you laugh. You know;

Senior Things I Said, Say, Did and Do

those days sitting around at the reunion listening to family stories, pranks, jokes and friendly banner? We all have that relative that just has a character and personality that makes some of us laugh till there are tears in our eyes or make others want to lock them away in the attic.

Well, in this book, you will find the author telling every manner of story from his youth to the present senior time frame that are absolutely grin worthy. I don’t care who you are at least one if not all his gut busting adventures will make you smile till your lips hurt.

You are about to find out some things about every generation that are a mixed bag of funny, peculiar, nonsensical, insulting, stupid, brilliant, or just plain out there. If you have been searching high and low for a hilarious read then you should know in this book of entertainment; it will keep you laughing!

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