Financial Education (Teen)

This book series is designed specifically for the younger generation that grew up in U.S.A households with parents that did not set good financial management lifestyles for them.  The practical knowledge provided here are realistic tools for understanding money management that points independent young people in the right financial direction.

 Basic Savings & Checking Account Guidance for Teens and Young Adults

This targeted financial advice explains savings and checking accounts, budget establishment, penny

stocks, bonds, mutual funds, stock market and financial investment in clear, logical sequence

Basic Savings and Checking Account Guidance for Teens and Young Adults

with a simple emphasis on truly understanding needed financial decisions. It outlines the outcomes that could result if someone continues exercising misdirected, impulsive, or uneducated monetary decisions.

This book provides a common sense, intuitive roadmap for putting together a sound financial future. Teens and Young Adults will learn how  their basic checking and savings accounts and budgets are established, maintained and factor into all their financial decisions. They will understand the differences between various financial institutions and the multiple financial instruments banks and credit unions have available to them. They will be taught how to manage and protect their debit cards, checks, savings accounts and ATM transactions. They will be guided down the path that will allow them to live virtually debt free and survive comfortably in a financial world they presently have little or no experience in. 

If you recently left home or are about to be out on your own; there is a need for this sound, reliable and tested financial advice on how to establish and maintain your basic banking needs. When you face and need to make sound financial savings and checking choices in the real world, this book is the tool needed for your basic monetary transition into adult life.

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Basic Budget Establishment & Maintenance for Teens and Young Adults

Budgeting can be tolerable and easily followed if you have a good plan! Realistically, we are all living

Basic Budget Establishment & Maintenance

by some means that encompasses a budget. Since we’re all operating on a financial budget limited by our earnings, we have our own ways of managing our earn and spend habits.

Our lives are an endless progression of acquire and consume. Since this cycle is inevitable if we are to survive, the values we hold about money are put to the test when we know that we’re running low on money, when we’re considering a bill, and when we’re anticipating stress. Ultimately, most of us run out of money, some live paycheck to paycheck but, a handful actually manage to set aside a savings for the future.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to change your personal financial present and future by putting in place a suitable and logical budgeting plan! You will learn to live within your means.

In this book you will get practical help on topics like reducing debt, saving on everyday expenses, preventing impulse buying, preventing overuse of credit, adjusting your budget to fit your changing needs, setting specific goals or priorities and learning how to save money on food, transportation, entertainment, home, energy and more.

This book is for those who want to get control of their home budget and personal finances and master the means to keep their personal finances on track. It will guide you through setting up a well-defined budget that works for you and leads you to your goal of achieving financial success.

Whether you’re trying to save money or just struggling to pay last month’s bills, you’ll find immediate help and direction in the Basic Budget Establishment and Maintenance Book for Teens and Young Adults.

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Basic Understanding of Financial Investment for Teens and Young Adults

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete investing novice or simply abundantly confused about all the contradictory financial advice you are inundated with, this basic guide to Investing is an accessible guide. This book is your introduction to understanding financial investment and is one of the most important books you will ever read on how to understand the available financial tools, instruments and applications.

Investing (like many things) is all about common sense. This book should be in every career

Basic Understanding of Financial Investment for Teens & Young Adults

counselor’s office and delivered to every teen or young adult as it contains savvy financial advice for today’s street-smart young investors.  It is filled with in-depth insights and practical basic advice.  The financial lingo and clear explanations allow this book to be easily digested by a novice.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could really explain to you-in plain and simple English-the basics that must be known about investing in order to insure your financial success? This excellent practical personal finance guide really shows young investors the tools available to them to achieve financial freedom.  It is an extraordinary and timely book offering guidance every beginning investor needs to understand.

With this book you will understand how to invest in a sensible, low-cost and effective manner with or without the assistance of an advisor. It gives you the basics of getting started and the motivation to handle your own money. It will give you the building blocks to create a solid investment portfolio that, over the course of a lifetime could make you financially independent.

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Understanding Penny Stock Investment for Teens and Young Adults

Understanding Penny Stock Investment for Teens and Young Adults

Reading this book can help you discover how to effectively take a small amount of capital to create a lifetime of wealth. The information in this book can help you in your quest to make money in the penny stock market.  The secret really to the successful investing in penny stocks is just like poker and simply put, that is knowing what cards to play and when to play them.

Penny stocks are a different kind of investment than most traditional stocks traded on an exchange and it is critical to understand what moves penny stocks before you begin investing. The fact there is a small price point makes penny stocks a perfect place to start bidding for beginner investors and done right, you can capitalize on their systematic growth quickly!

Understanding Penny Stock Investment for Teens and Young Adults explains the basics of penny stocks and provides expert guidance to help you get involved right away. Even though penny stock trading provides the potential of what many call life changing returns on an investment, this high profit potential comes at a price. That price is nothing less than volatility, and to protect yourself, you must be knowledgeable and ready to implement information about how to manage your money, research your trades and exit a trade correctly to succeed.

Though this book builds you a great foundation my best suggestion is to read everything you can on the subject of penny stock investing before diving into a trade. Simply put, know what you are getting into before you click that future buy button.

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Basic Understanding of the Stock Market for Teens and Young Adults

This book is for anyone new to investing in the stock market who is looking for a simplified scaled down reference point to make sure you understand your investments and strategies. This book provides you with the information you need to protect and grow your stock investments in today’s changing market.

Whether you are a completely new investor or simply confused about all the contradictory advice out there, this book is an accessible guide to understanding how to grow your money a smart and easy way.

You will learn Stock Market Basics as this book is aimed at the individual investor who wants

Basic Understanding of the Stock Market for Teens and Young Adults

to understand today’s stock market and make wise investment choices based on knowledge and understanding of the overall picture. It is written in easily understandable terms and gives a clear explanation of how all the pieces fit together in the marketplace. Readers will better understand the detailed, practical and working knowledge of the stock market necessary to become a success.

It is a perfect match for those with no experience or background, as well as for the experienced investors that lack the optimal skills for active stock trading. It will give you an understanding how to become financially independent and put you in control of your own destiny. Basic Understanding of the Stock Market for Teens and Young Adults belongs on the bookshelf of anyone who is new to investing or simply wants a broader understanding of the market.

In this book, you will not find any secret formula or long lost potion to earn millions in the stock market, but after reading this book your comprehension of the stock market will go to an actual understanding. This book will help you understand exactly what that guy in the top notch suit is saying about where to put your money and help you make your own decision, after all it’s your financial destiny.

This book will not make you a market expert tomorrow, but it will honestly help you to understand the stock market a whole lot better. This book will show many investing options and help you to put together a realistic portfolio that takes control of our own investments!

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Basic Understanding of Bond Investments for Teens & Young Adults

If you’re looking to get sound guidance and trusted investment strategies, this book will set you up to understand and take control of your bond investment options.

Because there are many unusual aspects relative to bond investment, you need to have a basic understanding of the market, the bond issuer, how to measure rates of return and how to maximize those rates.

You will understand how bonds operate on a very basic level, to include the various kinds of bonds and how bond funds can actually be a highly lucrative option. You will learn the fundamental differences between corporate, government and municipal bonds and how much of a return you can anticipate from each.

Basic Understanding of Bond Investments for Teens & Young Adults

You will be taught the face value, sale price and coupon rate, of a bond, as well as their callability, ratings, insurance, taxes, and maturity that might be and are associated with them.

Savings Bonds (as one example) have been gaining a renewed significance since the U.S. Treasury introduced the inflation-protected Series I Bond and their online accounts at Treasury Direct. After reading Basic Understanding of Savings Bond Investments, Book 5 for Teens and Young Adults you will understand how Savings Bonds work and why the Series I Savings Bond protects you from the risk of default. You will know how to open an account at Treasury Direct. You will also know bond inflation risks, capital loss risks understand inflation impacts, supply and demand and the tax advantages of your savings and investment holdings.

Everyone should ensure a portion of their investment portfolio in readily-available in the event of an emergency. I bonds are an easy choice for this low-risk portion of your investment portfolio. If you already have an investment in various Bonds, you will learn estate planning strategies that will save your family money. You will be taught the investment strategies that increase the value of your holdings and tax strategies that will help you avoid the Double-Taxation Trap, the Stinker Bond Penalty, the hidden interest-rate penalties and the Deferred-Tax Time Bomb.

This book includes advice tested by time and its strategies reflect our modern day market conditions. This book provides anyone who has never invested in bonds before an ideal opportunity to confidently invest in and earn noteworthy returns from their bond investments.

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Basic Understanding of Mutual Funds for Teens and Young Adults

As a teen or young adult picking your way forward through understanding financial investments, this book is specifically designed for you! It is written in a straightforward and layman style language and is a reliable resource that examines the fundamentals of mutual fund investing.

More and more people are looking into mutual funds to have a steady source of interest income, to save, or to help fund their retirement. In contrast to other forms of investment, mutual funds are always professionally managed by a financial expert in order to make sure that returns are maximized.

Interested in learning more? This book will provide a detailed explanation of mutual funds

Basic Understanding of Mutual Funds for Teens and Young Adults

and how to manage them in simple layman’s terms that even a beginning investor can understand. You will have an understanding of the Pros and Cons of Mutual Funds. You will learn about the different types of Mutual Funds such as Money Market, Bond Funds and Stock Funds.

Securing your financial future has never appeared more difficult than in today’s turbulent market environment. After studying this book you will most likely be a better investor for having read this Common Sense roadmap to understanding the basics of Mutual Funds.

So, if you’re interested in portfolio diversification you will likely be investing in mutual funds. As such, this book offers timeless advice in building your investment portfolio. It will provide you with expert insight on how to find the best-managed funds that match your financial goals. It will help you avoid fund-investing pitfalls and maximize your chances of success.

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2 thoughts on “Financial Education (Teen)”

  1. This sounds like an amazing product for teens, I feel like when I was in high school there was no emphasis at all at managing your finances, our high school system here in the states doesn’t do well to educate our teens to be prepared for the ‘real world’, they see plastic cards and they dont know the consequences of over using them, it just doesn’t feel like real money to them, I know it did feel like real money to me when I was a teenager, just keep spending, and spending, so this is a great product for those that want to teach teens about finances.

    1. Hi Bassam

      Only a handful of states mandate some financial training in school prior to graduation. Most other schools say there is no room in the curriculum or teachers as well, are not in the position to teach faineances any better than parents are.

      All I know is as a supervisor in a government job, I had to teach a lot of young people about bank accounts and checkbook balancing to keep them out of trouble. I knew after I retired, perhaps I could try to help with a series of books designed specifically for teens.



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