Interview with Ronald E. Hudkins

Who are your favorite authors?

Arthur Charles Clarke along with Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov who were known (when I was growing up) as the “Big Three” of science fiction ! 


What’s the story behind your first book?

Had friends all working high stress and intense jobs in the world of first responders’. I used to get them laughing and geared down with short humorous stories sent to their email accounts. A few suggested I should publish the stuff. So, selected a bunch of the G Rated stories and rolled them into the book Senior Things I Said, Say, Did and Do. 


What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

My life is simple. First and foremost is the thought of a good hot cup of coffee. According to the wife and dogs first hour body language; I am the most disgustingly cheerful “morning person” the world could ever experience. I only have two speeds and make no apologies for Fast Forward and Sleep. Then there is the endless possibilities intertwined within the bright new and wonderful day that is ahead. 


When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

In the winter months I take the dog on a daily walk off the property so she can mark everything from here to there and back again. Then we play fetch and dodge the snow coming off the shovel. In the spring and summer it is anything yard, home and outside in between playing drop the rope.


How do you approach cover design?

I let the graphic design artist have his freedom of expression. I provide a long and short book description, book dimensions and word count. His creativity and imagination I am convinced will continue to impress me for the next 20 books. 


When did you first start writing?

I’m not really sure when I started writing but when I hit my first and second years of first grade it was not acceptable to write with the left hand! I spent two years with a pencil taped to my right hand copying down paragraphs from a 100 storybooks. Discovered the playground in second grade and to this day I still use the left hand. Surprised I’m not still in 1st grade with the hardcore attitude of yesteryear. I think for fun when I draft out my first children’s book; I’ll use the right hand just for the impressionism. 


Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

The first story I ever wrote was a note to my mother telling her the fiction story of my broken bedroom window. It was a black and white whopper. She read it with interest and my hind end was red all over. No surprise ending in that mystery! 


What is your writing process?

My writing process is pretty much like the scatter pattern of hits a shotgun blast makes on a target at close range. There is no specific research, rhyme or reason at first. There is no specific direction and as such; most books are started by simple inspiration. It isn’t till an idea is pulled out of a folder a day, week or month later that the Logline, Short Summary, Character List, Core Conflicts, Stakes, Events List and Outline formally begin to materialize.


Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in Massillon, Ohio that had a population of maybe 36,000. After being beat to death and grounded forever over a broken window I never committed myself in writing around parents again till after moving out. Don’t get me wrong I love them to death and hindsight pretty much tells me in the age of spare the rod, spoil the child mentality; I pretty much deserved every one of them! I was the power Pac before the Energizer Bunny was ever conceived as a branding concept. Was not till I was drafted and became a Military Policeman that I actually began formal writing of police reports .


Need anything additional?

Drop me a line below because I really like questions, input and suggestions!

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