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If you are reading this, you probably own cookbooks. Here you will find new releases Grandma’s Wished-for Cookie Recipes and Ronald Hudkins popular specialty books including Turkey Dishes, Stuffing and Gravy Recipes, What Makes Cannabis Recipes Work, 100 Easy Holiday Platter Appetizers, Baked Hams for the Holiday,  Cranberry Dishes, Drinks and Desserts.


A perfect collection of 100 New Year appetizer recipes. These recipes are delicious, simple and most of all, easy. They are sure to impress all family, friends and acquaintances at your holiday gatherings.


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Baked Hams

 This mini speciality cookbook contains a no nonsense listing of the most mouthwatering and popular baked ham recipes you’ll ever find. Compiled to delight your family, friends and other guests lucky enough to be around your celebratory table.


This book has only Cranberry recipes that are your "must-have” reference for your healthy eating lifestyle and special holidays. Dishes, drinks deserts and pastries rated excellent from Thanksgiving through summer's end! Includes recipes for main courses, desserts, baking, drinks, and sauces.



 This book reveals the process for creating the essential ingredients necessary for marijuana infusion into foods such as Cannabutter, Ghee, Cannabis Tar and Cannabis Cooking Brandy.  This is first-ever supplemental cookbook that is a must read before you buy any marijuana cookbook.

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If you are looking for mouthwatering recipes to share with your family this holiday season, this specialty mini Thanksgiving cookbook has the step-by-step Thanksgiving recipes compiled to impress the entire family with some very tasty foods!

Guide presents all you need to know to make things go smoothly, look great, and taste delicious


This keepsake cookbook contains cookie recipes passed along from grandma, great grandma, mom and a sister.  A yummy selection from the late 1920’s up into the 21st Century. Get ready to have your mouth water just reading the ingredients and to gain a loving coexistence with sweetness worth every bite.

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