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We’re living in a golden age of juvenile  literature. Browse our latest titles in the Children's Books category and discover your next read from  The literature books here are written for an intended age of readers and highly enjoyed by children they are categorized for.


But poor Straw is lonely! He doesn’t want the crows to be afraid of him.

So, he tries his best to make friends with them—and the results are surprising. Now Straw isn’t lonely, but Grandma Drew has too many crows in her pumpkin patch! Can they find a solution that will make both of them happy?


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Terry can’t wait for his next-door neighbors to move in—especially because he knows they have a son just his age. But when Terry discovers that Sam is in a wheelchair, he feels deeply disappointed. That’s when Terry discovers that great friends come in all shapes, sizes—and abilities!


Alex is a 10 year old boy who is very smart. As such, the wizard (Edain) who is in charge of the Boundless World Library comes to meet Alex. Together, they explore this secret library where stories of adventure, history and all sorts of things become exciting live in realities.


Come join the boys and share the time traveling kid’s seven adventures and meet knights, king, queen, pirates, cowboys, Karate Master, Ninjas, Jungle Tigers and even a Genie. These are adventures of a lifetime every young child dreams of having. The difference is these boys and you- actually get to live them!

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 Children ages 4 and up will enjoy tons of fun as they explore 20 double–page scenes filled with exciting-to-find concealed objects. All these fun filled puzzles offer youngsters simple challenges as they identify contrasts in each picture puzzle.

Clues and the final answer are provided.

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