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How to Create an Audiobook for Audible: Advice for Authors, Recording and Formatting Info, and More for ACX, Audible, and iTunes

ACX is a marketplace where authors, literary agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can connect with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other Producers capable of producing a finished audiobook. The result: More audiobooks will be made.

ACX is brought to you by, an, Inc. subsidiary, and a leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment. Audible specializes in the spoken experience, providing digital audio editions of books, newspapers and magazines, original programming, and TV and radio subscriptions.

ACX shares Audible’s distribution channels. Audible provides an unmatched selection of spoken-word audio products for Apple’s iTunes Store. The audiobooks you produce with ACX get distributed via Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.






With CreateSpace you can easily access tools, quality printing, booksellers,   eBook distribution, and marketing strategies so that you can generate more opportunities than you imagined – all while building your following of readers. Through their services, you can sell books for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing, while maintaining more control over your materials. Setup is free and easy with their online tools. You’ll never have to worry, with state of the art print on demand technology, about inventory or minimum orders. Plus, make your titles available to millions of customers worldwide on, Amazon’s European websites, CreateSpace eStore and through our Expanded Distribution option.






Kindle Direct Publishing

Publish your books independently with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) at the Amazon Kindle Store. You can enter book details, upload your book file, manage sales reports and update account information in your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Bookshelf. Make changes to your book at any time. Publish once and reach readers worldwide. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes. Your book appears on Amazon within 24 hours. Make your book available on Kindle devices and on free Kindle apps.

Kobo Writing Life

Lightning Source



Nook Press

Outskirts Press

Pronoun Books





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Make a Start at Editing your Novel or Short Story

 SmartEdit for Word is a first-pass editing tool for creative writers and novelists that sits inside Microsoft Word and helps you as you work. It’s not a replacement for a human editor. Neither is it designed to do your editing for you. It’s an aid—a helper for when you begin editing your work. A standalone version also exists for writers who do not use Word.

What Does SmartEdit Do?

SmartEdit runs a series of 20 individual checks on your work and highlights areas that might need to be looked at. These checks include: highlighting repeated phrases and words, producing a list of every adverb used, flagging possible misused or misspelled words such as “complement” instead of “compliment”.

SmartEdit also examines your sentence structures: highlighting common phrases you use to begin sentences, monitoring sentence length, as well as flagging possibly incorrect punctuation, such as multiple exclamation marks (“!!!?”), or inconsistent use of smart quotes and straight quotes.

What Does SmartEdit NOT Do?

It does not tell you to remove or replace a word. It does not make any automated changes for you. It does not tell you whether your work might be good, bad, or somewhere in between.

These decisions and interpretations are yours, and only yours to make. Software cannot make them for you, and should not even try. After all, how many repeated phrases are to be found in Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Would that speech be remembered today if Dr. King had removed all but one of those “I have a dream” phrases in response to a software prompt?

SmartEdit’s results should be used as a starting point in your editing process. They should by no means be taken as Gospel. It’s your work, your creative endeavor; you know far more about it than an automated tool does.

Who Would Benefit Most From SmartEdit?

Are you a published author? Are you planning to become a published author? Have you finished or are you close to finishing a first draft of a novel or short story? If you answered yes to any of these questions, SmartEdit is for you.

SmartEdit was built for writers who are serious about their craft. It works best and helps most when it has content to work with. That means—at the very least—a finished first draft. If you’re not quite there yet, you should hold off on using SmartEdit until you’ve reached that final page.


Some other automatic editing tools;  This type of tool proofreads your writing, checking for grammar, spelling, and a host of other errors. While your text editor will probably have built in spelling and maybe a grammar check, a dedicated editing tool can find hidden errors that are easily missed on a standard text editor. Following is a site that lists 11 Editing Tools to help improve your writing issues; –

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