Tips On How To Publish Your Book And Earn More Cash

Finish that book project and it is a job well done

You deserve an applaud for a job well done. Writing a book is not an easy task, let alone publishing it. Writing and publishing a book looks like a herculean task but you may be surprised to know that it’s easier than you thought. The world has embraced the Internet for virtually every transaction and publishing is not exempted. If you have a publisher, then you have achieved a milestone. But the budget of the publisher would also determine where your work would get to. There are so many ways to spread your book’s visibility without spending so much money. Some are even for free.

The following tips will give you a better understanding of how to publish your book;

  1. The Internet

The Internet will help you reach out to as many people around the globe as possible. Get a personal website to help readers learn more about you and your book. Through the Internet, you can reach out to your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. Some of your friends may share your post and before you know it, it’s all over the place. Create a persona on these platforms that can help you promote your writings so that your book post doesn’t seem boring.

2.Create content and connections for your website

picture Internet commo
You can’t sell it unless it is on the shelf. Put it there!

When you have created a growing social media presence and a website, you need content written on your website about your book. The content you post on your website would help you reach more people. You can also look for websites that will allow you write essays about your book for free. Let your content not be about promoting your book all the time. You can mention it slightly so that you don’t bore book-reading strangers.

3.Schedule book tours

picture book tour
Advertising is also getting yourself out there on book tours.

This might be difficult because most bookstores are not receptive with hosting a book reading and signing whether you have a publicist or not. If you are lucky to get a bookstore that can let you host your book tours, your name and title of your book would be listed on their website. This will also increase the outreach your book gets. You can get more reception if you go for book tours in college campuses.


Advertising must be effective and on a budget. You can go for flyers as they are cheaper and a better way to reach out. You can give out your books for a lesser sum on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. By so doing, you are advertising your work.

  1. Reach out to media houses
picture media house
Media advertisement of all mediums!

Another way would be to reach out to media houses like newspaper publishers in your locality. They would also help you get positive reviews and create awareness about your book.

Advertising is an endless process and the media types are virtually everywhere. As much as you might figure it does not, every publicity tidbit helps. We are now a world of instantaneous.  For more information on independent author book publishing visit Self Publishing Management

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Decisions You Need to Make Before Publishing Your Book

Before embarking on publishing your book, there a number of key issues you need to make. A lot of writers pay more attention to developing great content for their books. However, there are other related issues that are of equal importance. Issues such as book title, pricing and marketing among others are key factors that have a direct impact on sales.

What is the Title of Your Book?

Your book title plays a key role. Similar to an article headline, it needs to capture attention. In addition, your book title needs to hint to your audience what your book is about. It’s always wise to spend quality time coming up with a title for your book. You can also seek the input of trusted advisors, friends, family, customers, beta readers and colleagues among others to get their thoughts on your book title.

How Do You Intend to Price Your Book?

This is not an easy decision to make. Many authors find it hard to make this decision. Several book publishers and distributors publish surveys on an annual basis giving details of book prices which range from free to hundreds of dollars. Booking pricing can be free if you are using your current book as a promotional book in order to get to a wider audience before releasing the main book. Before setting a price, you should research and find out how much books in your genre cost. Don’t forget to keep track of your goals and take your audience into account. Find out how much they are the willing to comfortably pay for your content.

Keywords and How to Describe Your Book

Describing your book

When you publish your book with popular sites such as Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble among others, you get a chance to categorize your book, come up with a book description and utilize keywords. Ensure you know what keywords and category is the most suitable to put your book and how your audience will search and find your book. The description should be accurate and concise to give potential readers sufficient information to make them want to buy your book. Writing a good book description requires much thought and good strategy. Remember, this is your marketing piece and so you have to approach it with caution.

Do You Intend to Translate Your Book?

If you are targeting a global market, you need to ask yourself whether you want to have your book translated into various languages. Platforms such

Pros, Cons, Cementing a Decision

as Amazon don’t only serve the United States, they serve the entire world so this is an issue you may want to consider. To do this, you have to part with translation fees which can be expensive and this may lower the return on investment. If you need to take to translate your book, do your homework well to avoid losses.

It’s essential to keep an eye on your goals and audience as you make any decision regarding your book. Keep in mind many of the decisions related to pre-publishing are not permanent. You can decide to change the book cover and price among other changes with relative ease. The publishing industry is now run by numerous self-publishers and therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for authors.

Book Cover Design Considerations

The content is only part of the book publishing process

You work really hard to create your book. You put time, thought, energy and maybe money into creating your book’s contents. You have it formatted, edited, and even read by test readers. Your goals are balanced on the success of your book and the inside matters most, right?

Well, the truth may be a bit different than that. The truth is that we do judge a book by its cover. It’s important to put a lot of attention into your book’s cover. After all, the stronger your cover is, the more book sales you’ll have.

And yes, the inside matters too but to get to the good stuff, you have to motivate people to buy first. So what do you want to consider when making your book cover? Let’s take a look at some important things to think about.

What Is Your Genre?

Different genres have different cover styles. For example, a mystery book cover looks a lot different than a self-help book cover. A text book cover looks different than a coaching manual. So while you do want your book cover to stand out and grab attention, it also needs to fit within your desired genre. You want your readers to recognize that your book fits into their genre and you want it to match their expectations.

Should You Create It Yourself?

Lots of things need to come together

You can create your own book cover. There are certainly enough tools, stock photo sites and tutorials to help you create a cover. In fact, some technologies make it look quite easy. However, you also want to consider your own graphic design skills. If you don’t have a keen sense of design or an artistic background, then you may want to hire a designer.

Here’s the great thing: you can find a top-quality designer to create your book cover for a relatively low fee. Yes, you have to pay money but in return you’ll get a professional quality book cover. This matters. If you want people to trust what is inside, the outside needs to be professional quality.

It’s Not Just the Front That Matters

If you’re printing your book or offering it in print, you’ll also need a binding and back cover. And digital, audio, and print books all require different formatting for the cover. For example, a print cover will require much better resolution than a small digital book cover. Each publishing service or distribution service will tell you their specifications. Share those with your designer or pay attention to them when you are creating your book’s cover.

There are many considerations to make when you’re publishing a book, and the cover is often the last step before launching. Make sure that your cover fits your audience’s expectations, grabs attention, and has professional quality and design.


Volunteering and Fence Sitting Doesn’t Achieve Affiliate Success

Every time you think about success, you need to know that you have the ability to get there – and you will. This inkling of Desire is more than surfing the Internet and signing up for get rich schemes and no obligation affiliate programs. Many people just see the money in their bank account and think it’s going to get there by doing nothing other than joining affiliate programs and other opportunities. Signing your name doesn’t bring success. I can tell you from experience that only the people with sure-fire – action driven focus ever succeed. With the desire to succeed, the constant drive to achieve and the willingness to learn, you’re limited only by your own self-imposed boundaries. Success awaits both poor and affluent….you just have to have a serious plan other than volunteering.

Because you hang a sign, paint your van or truck proclaiming to be a plumber – it doesn’t sell your pipe dream. Any and every business above and beyond the education, training, certifications and technical knowledge takes a good solid business plan to succeed. Few people undertake the careful planning that is required to achieve success in their business goals. In fact, time management is one of the most important challenges every business owner must face. Experts recommend that home-based business owners set up a workable schedule immediately upon starting their ventures in order to establish good habits. A good habit doesn’t mean signing up for 100 affiliate programs and never taking the time to implement the advertising for the products and services you hope to earn commission upon.

There is no classified secret to affiliate marketing. It isn’t something that a person should go into with a belief any program (and there are thousands) is going to bring about overnight success. Every business takes not just work but, hard work. For many business hopefuls facing the Internet communications medium for the first time, the affiliate business is the most realistic and quickest way to learn the cornerstones of the marketing business. You see; the real beauty of concentrating efforts and focusing upon only one or a few affiliate business models is a new person learns marketing strategies in baby steps. You are not on a timetable, deadline or put into a sink or swim situation.

You take full advantage of previously proven marketing success. You study and follow business recommendations from the company experts, mentors and fellow marketers. You use pre-written and approved marketing materials which often include text ads, Emails, banners, postcards, incentive programs, gift certificates, coupons, discounts flyers, pre-fabricated promotional items such as business cards, cups, shirts pens, sample follow-up letters and even phone scripts.

Little by little, you glean experience and inroads into the proper use and methods associated with advertising an affiliate business and apply all that marketing strategy you learn – repeat it over and over so much that in time, you become the expert that knows how to succeed. You take all that new found skill and then apply it towards new and different products and services. Simply put, if you want to succeed in a 100 affiliate programs there is enough technology and automation to do so but… you have to focus on learning the keys before becoming a concert pianist. Signing up for every program, sitting on a fence and taking no action other than running off to another opportunity gives you exactly what you started with; nothing.

Until you learn to focus, plan and use your time the skills and free training properly, you’ll not only be a burden to every program you volunteer for but – an individual chasing a fleeting dream that eludes your own unattainable vision of success.

I’m not trying to be hardcore; I just know the difference between perception and misdirection. The opportunities are in fact out there, you just have to be positive, focused and actionable. The only thing that produces success on the Internet and anywhere else is a winning and consistent effort. Just remember – Quote: Success is not a doorway, it’s a staircase – Author: Dottie Walters American Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author.

Ronald Hudkins is a consumer advocate and champions awareness to issues needing personal attention. For free affiliate marketing training and your subsequent online business success visit Wealthy Affiliate

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