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Senior Things I Said, Say, Did and Do Volume One

Author Ronald E. Hudkins

My home page is simply the landing spot where friends and followers of the author Ronald E. Hudkins and publisher of the book Senior Things I Said, Say, Did and Do Volume One can meet and share. 


Regarding Author of the book



Ronald E. Hudkins (1951-Present) was born in Canton, Ohio moreover was raised in Massillon, Ohio. He entered into the armed forces in 1970 wherein he remained up until 1993 when he retired honorably from the U .S. Army, Military Police Corps.





Throughout his diversity of jobs, in between and after, he went to a lot of universities such as Kent State University, Maryland University, Central Texas College ( European Branch ), Blair Junior College, Hagerstown Junior College and Phoenix University .


He actually managed (between travels and work) to complete general studies but acknowledged despite pursuing 2 majors in the areas of Business Administration along with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology he did not complete the requirements to be awarded Bachelor Degrees in these areas of concentration.  




Extracted 10 Jan 2013 from - midwestgems/blog/431876916


He admits he was never on a Deans Listing, or chosen as a most likely to succeed potential candidate but; if you were to grant credits for all of his awards, experience and self learning he could possibly realistically be considered a Rogue Scholar.  


His Book publication date was Dec 21, 2012, has 180 pages, color black and white, trim size 6”X9” written in English and the price of the book is $7 .95.  It is also available in Kindle format on Amazon at




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Though I’m Crismatic, I try to be fairly serious

I read the book at ronaldhudkins dot com and can’t stop laughing

How do I run a country when I can’t stop laughing

I can not open my eyes either

Can you read the book at ronaldhudkins dot com for me

Maybe the tears of laughter will help lubricate my eyes

Maybe we should all look like this short bus pose

Read Ron’s book at ronaldhudkins dot com