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Hi, I am Ronald E. Hudkins and I truly appreciate your visit.  I am  now residing in San Tan Valley, AZ was born in Canton, Ohio and raised in Massillon, Ohio. I was drafted into military service in 1970 where I remained up until 1993 when I retired honorably from the U.S. Army, Military Police Corps. During my service, after and in between a lot of traveling I managed to attend various universities that include Kent State University, Maryland University, Central Texas College (European Branch), Blair Junior College, Hagerstown Junior College and Phoenix University. I declared two majors in the areas of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

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I actually have been writing as a hobby for over twenty years. I have completed a collection of multiple genres in both fiction and nonfiction that include financial, estate, cooking and identity theft. In the area of fiction I have published humor, science fiction and fantasy. I am polishing up some children’s books, paranormal romance, romance and additional science fiction books. I have approximately 50 additional plot outlines completed and these books are in various (50 different) stages of completion. You can anticipate more stories in the areas of finance, children’s and young adult reading as well as humor, fantasy, romance, thrillers and even some mystery and steampunk. 

I am on the 2d book of a five part science fiction series.  I am liking the series overall direction.  All the plotting outlines and characters are completed.  Just have to throw some meat on the bones.  Getting excited about the progress! Only the author’s files and mind know the definitive creations yet to be.

You should know I have written a ton of articles across a multitude of subjects.  You will see them sprinkled out across various pages of my blog.  You will find each and every one of them (in my  humble opinion) very helpful.

Thank You for your visit


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